Corporate and Conferences Events at the ICA

Located in the trendy Seaport district on Boston’s waterfront with a modern, architecturally innovative design, the ICA lends itself to those who want to make a colorful splash for their guests. Have a party amongst eclectic works of Art from a global community of artists. The Institute has several multifaceted event spaces available that bridge land and water and extends indoors and outdoors and onto the water’s edge. You’ll experience stunning sunset views that can make even the simplest event into a visual spectacle.

Plan a sunset cocktail reception on the Putnam Investment Plaza above the glassy, blue water outside, seamlessly transitioning into the Common Room followed by music and dancing in the spacious, airy interior of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater with artistic masterpieces only steps away. Lead your attendees on a pre-event tour through the galleries and exhibitions to inspire thought, creativity, and discussion.

Bring your guests an experience of culture, expression, and fun that they will never forget by combining two of Boston’s best together—the ICA’s tasteful experiences with The Catered Affair’s brilliant cuisine. Together, The Catered Affair and The Institute of Contemporary Art will bring you an event that itself will be a true work of art—both enlightening and exciting!